This site provides educational information about testifying in court in British Columbia, Canada for youth.

When you come to court, it may feel like you don’t have many choices, but actually, you do. This site will help you learn about the choices you have and what happens when you are going to testify in court.

Click on Presentation and you'll learn about:

1) Before court - Getting ready, talking to the Crown prosecutor (Crown counsel), getting information, asking questions and more.

2) Waiting to go into the courtroom on court day and what happens.

3) In court - What happens when you are actually testifying.

4) After court - What happens when it's all over.

You'll also be able to save a list of details to print and ask Crown counsel when it's your turn to go to court.

Click on "Watch Let's go to Court" and you'll find a video highlighting the concerns kids like you have had about testifying and the resources that are available to help make going to court less scary.

And finally, the Resources and Links on this site can help you and your parents get more information about going to court as a child or youth.